XILO-TEAK, Tailored parquet with competitive prices for over 40 years

Tailored parquet,according to a tailoring quality | Xilo-Teak

Xilo-teak s.r.l has a long story behind, even if it is a quite young company.

Its owner, Mr. Gianfranco Vallicelli since 1977 has been gaining a considerable experience regarding wood flooring, through the import of teak and Merbau from Indonesia and later of Teak logs and rough sawn from Myanmar, then with the opening to Chinese market, before with Bamboo flooring and after with oak planks.

Originally, Mr. Vallicelli main activity was the sell to Italian wood flooring manufacturers, that nowadays together with Xilo-teak keeps on, and due to the deep knowledge between them and the mutual relationship based on esteem become also a tight cooperation.

From 2009 Mr. Vallicelli and Xilo-teak entered into partnership with some companies and they are now managing on their own some wood flooring productions in Italy and in East of Europe.

Having started since some years the export of made in Italy parquet to foreign countries, we have entrusted the marketing of some prestige wood flooring companies, becoming also licensed seller of their brands abroad.

We daily receive several enquiries for quotations - from the biggest particular projects to the private houses - coming from designers/architects studios, constructors companies, consultants manufacturers and private people.

Xilo-teak s.r.l. cooperates and acts with its clients either Italian and foreigner, on 4 basics:
1) Tailored parquet (according to a tailoring quality)
2) Competitive prices
3) Wide range of products
4) Respect and protection of health and environment